CAA Committee Members

The Committee

The Cambridge Association of Architects (CAA) are led by an incredible group of volunteers. From organising events, to establishing a new Urban Room for Cambridge, to communicating the rich diversity of projects and news happening in the region. Thank you to every Committee Member and all our volunteers who have helped make the CAA what it is today. Although independent, The CAA Committee is supported by the RIBA and RIBA East.

Both the Committee and the Editors of Cambridge Architecture are made up of a diverse range of practising architects. If you would like to help support, and even become a Committee Member yourself at our next AGM this February, please get in touch.

CAA Committee Members


Patrick Usborne

I lead a practice called Perpendicular Architecture and we specialise in regenerative manufactured design that has real social value. As Chairperson I'm excited to bring us all together to share our knowledge, and help solve the Climate Emergency & Social Inequality. 


Quratulain Hafeez

Architecture holds a profound connection to my essence.  My involvement in CAA's events and workshops has broadened my insights, and my affiliation with esteemed architectural fraternity allows me to make meaningful impacts to this illustrious city.


Sree Ramchander

Acting as the treasurer of the CAA is a wonderful way for me to encourage & support this platform - a forum for engagement, exchange & learning amongst Architects, Industry professionals, local bodies and the Cambridge community.


Risa Nagasaki

I'm a curious person and always love to connect and hear stories about people's experiences.  I hope through this, I can connect, inspire and expand all things architecture and Cambridge.

Events Coordinator

Sarah Shaw

I am currently involved in organising the events for the CAA as I enjoy the concept of bringing together creative people to make connections and share ideas.  I am Designer / Director at Spacecraft Architecture.

Events Coordinator

Daniel Lee

As the Events Coordinator at the CAA, I'm excited to facilitate endeavours that unite design professionals in our shared pursuit of progress.  I hope the events allow us to exchange knowledge, spark meaningful conversations, and drive positive change within the design community and beyond.

Climate Champion

Alice Hamlin

I am the Climate Champion for the CAA, running events and keeping CAA members up to date on sustainability issues. I am an architect and Passive House designer at Mole Architects. 


Eliza Papoutsi 

My involvement with the CAA started in 2015. I look forward to our new outreach initiatives by reaching out to people, and sharing our knowledge and passion about architecture's essential role in shaping the built environment. 

Urban Room

Ze'ev Feigis

I want to make good architecture and urban matters more accessible to everyone, and I really enjoy collaborating with my amazing colleagues on creative  projects.  

Heritage Champion

Patricia Forero

As the CAA's Heritage Advisor, I am committed to supporting members in deepening their understanding of our built heritage and its management.

Student Rep.

Margaux Cooper

It is important to me to get students involved with the CAA and their events, there are so many opportunities to meet interesting people and get insights into what working as architect will be like!

David Adams

I got involved in the CAA in 2013 when I first moved here - I love the energy, passion  and creativity that the CAA members bring, and I try to do the same as a co-editor of Cambridge Architecture. 

Susie Lober

Looking to connect with local architects I first got involved in the CAA in 2016. Joining the editorial team for Cambridge Architecture magazine has been a fantastic way to find out what is going on with developments in Cambridge both big and small - getting behind the scenes and asking difficult questions! 

Susie Newman

I joined the CAA editing team in 2023 with an interest in architectural writing and an ambition to promote thought-provoking discussion from the community that is shaping our shared spaces.

Adam Griffiths

I got involved in the CAA as a means to meet other designers and hear more about the diverse projects within the city.  As co-editor, the CA provides an opportunity to share and celebrate the great ideas which create our built environment.


Marie-Luise Critchley-Waring

 My background is in the art business.  I am the fundraiser for the Gazette which makes it possible to publish, raise awareness and bring good design and architecture to the wider public.