Useful Resources

To provide support to both our members, and the wider community they serve, we have included a dedicated page to useful resources. If you feel an additional resource should be included then please get in touch.

This section of the website has been divided into; Find an Architect, Local Projects, Sustainability, and the new Urban Room for Cambridge. 

Find an Architect is a dedicated search engine run by the RIBA to enable clients to find a local RIBA architect for their project. This service also includes what clients should look for in an architect to ensure they employ a local practioner who will meet their brief and provide them with the best possible service. All RIBA Members adhere to the RIBA Code of Conduct and therefore provide the reassurance a client will receive a professional service.

To compliment this service, the CAA has created a new dedicated webpage highlighting some of the brilliant recent projects which have been completed or near completion in the region. The Local Projects page provides a diverse range of projects and provides links to read further information. These projects have been provided by our members. If you are either a local Chartered Practice, or Chartered Member and which for one of your projects to be included, please get in touch.

Alongside the RIBA, we at the CAA take Sustainability seriously. We have a dedicated Climate Champion on the CAA Committee, and have created a webpage which highlights local issues regarding sustainability including future events and news. If you would like to provide further information which you feel might benefit our members and their pursuit of sustainable design, or would like to take part in organising events regarding sustainability, then please get in touch.

The new Cambridge Room for Cambridge is currently underway in association with the Department of Architecture, Cambridge City Council, South Cambs District Council and other Stakeholders. This is an incredibly exciting and relevant project as it will provide a much needed physical space for local residents, businesses, and students to come together and have an active role in helping to shape the built environment and local landscape around them.  Mobile Urban Rooms will also enable further outreach to the wider Cambridgeshire area.