Find an architect

Find an Architect:

UK Directory of RIBA Chartered Practices lets you search more than 3000 UK firms by name, location, area of expertise and services offered.

RIBA Chartered Members Directory lets you search more than 28,000 RIBA Chartered Members, if you’re looking for a particular architect.

RIBA Conservation Register lets you search for an architect who specialises in heritage properties.

ARB Architects Register lets you search the official UK Register of Architects. The Architects Registration Board (ARB) is the body set up by Parliament as the independent UK regulator of architects.

Why use an architect?

Ten reasons why a chartered architect can help your project?

  • Architect's can save you time and money

  • They bring extensive building design skills to a project that others can not

  • Avoid the pitfalls through application of knowledge

  • Insured, regulated and operate under a professional code of conduct

  • An architect can guide you through the 'Red Tape'

  • Co-ordinate the design team

  • Provide innovative ideas to difficult situations

  • Champion design quality to achieve the best outcome

  • Represent you and become a custodian of your design

  • They are interested in people as much as buildings