Design + conservation panel

The panel

The Cambridge Association of Architects is pleased to support Cambridge City Council's Design and Conservation Panel. The panel meets monthly to consider and advise upon important planning applications coming before the City's planning committee.

Cambridge City Council describes the panel as follows:

The Panel exists to support the City Council in delivering the Government and the Council’s design and conservation objectives to secure the highest possible design quality of buildings and spaces, and to preserve and enhance the historic environment.

The Panel has 3 specific roles:

a) to provide a forum for pre-application presentation of, briefing for, and expert advice on, major or otherwise significant development proposals;

b) to provide formal comments on submitted applications;

c) to contribute to Conservation Area Designations and Appraisals, and the development of other policies and guidance related to Design and Conservation.

Panel Members:

The CAA nominates two of its architect members to serve on the panel. A deputy is designated for each nominee; at 1 January each year the deputy steps up to become the nominee and two new deputies are designated.

Service on the panel is open to all architect members of the CAA, on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in serving please contact the chapter by email quoting 'Design & Conservation Panel nomination' in the subject line.


The current CAA nominees to the Design Panel are as follows:

Andrew Drummond

Mark Richards - deputy