Mill Road Depot Consultation

Post date: Jan 27, 2016 5:46:28 PM

CAA member Alex Reid commenting on the proposed plan for Mill Road Depot development

Two CAA representatives took part in a second consultation workshop for the development of Mill Road Depot, along with local residents and relevant stakeholders.Cambridge City Council is preparing a Planning and Development Brief SPD to help guide the re-development of the site with Allies and Morrison as masterplanners.The depot is allocated for residential development of 167 dwelling (site R10) in the Cambridge Local Plan 2014.Some of the issues which were raised included: Open space provision, amount and location; Building heights; Need for community and services facilities; Potential for car free development; Access from Mill Road and Hooper Street; The amount of affordable housing; Sustainable design; Connection with Chisholm Trail for bicycles. The CAA representatives highlighted the need to consider the buildings typology in relation to the site's industrial history in order to maintain its distinctive character, as well as proposing to add facilities and accommodation for the Mill Road area artist community.Link to Council's website: