Statement regarding the Greater Cambridge City Deal proposals for Milton Road and Histon Road

Post date: Jun 27, 2016 6:29:28 PM

The Cambridge Association of Architects supports the view that investment in the city should not only focus on alleviating traffic movement along roads and bus/cycle lanes, but should rather improve the streetscape and urban environment which make up this attractive city.

At the moment it seems that plans were drawn by, and are promoted by, transport experts and executives to 'streamline' (wording in the document) projects through the planning process. It seems that any consideration of the long term effect these proposals may have on the urban realm, the impact on the character of these routes into the city, and any quality control mechanisms such as the Design and Conservation Panel have been put to one side.

Given the specific nature of the current proposals for Histon and Milton Roads, we would support the promotion of a more detailed and intentional design of the streets and their context, rather than only apply the Manual for Streets principles, as currently addressed in the Design Guide appendix.

The most recent edition of our Cambridge Architecture gazette - - includes specific comment on the Milton Road proposals (pp 14-15). The magazine also includes more general views in support of the planning officers as gatekeepers of the built environment (pp 22-23), who appear to be notably absent from the City Deal process.

We would be happy to provide further advice, as strong supporters of ensuring design quality for the urban realm.