The Cambridge Association of Architects is pleased to support our local architecture students.  

For the last few years the Cambridge University first year architecture faculty and students have been developing a programme of projects for real clients. This involves live building projects that the student group design and build. 

This year’s live building project will be in collaboration with the Empty Common Community garden in Cambridge. The group have commissioned Neubau architecture to design a meeting space based on student competition designs from 2017/18. The design includes a number of rotating and fixed wall panels that the first year students will now design and build. Once the base and roof of the structure has been built by the garden group the students will install their wall panels to complete the building. Whilst providing the students with the opportunity to experience hands on making as in previous years, this year’s project includes a more complex element of working collaboratively with the architect, the gardening group and the engineers both in the design as well as in the making. The structure will become a permanent feature on the site and will be open to the public for workshops and events.

Links to past projects:
If you are a student, we encourage you to come along to one of our monthly meetings or other architecture events in Cambridge.

Awarded to the highest ranking 2nd year architecture student at the University of Cambridge. 

Jian Lin Wong  2018
Shirley Lo  2017
Luka Pajovic  2016
Paul Glade  2015